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Most comfortable mattresses 2014


4Even though most people don’t see the difference between mattresses, and only consider features like softness or stiffness, there are a bunch of other stuff worth looking into. Having a high end mattress will affect your life in ways you never thought possible. It will change the way you feel both physically and mentally. It will help you become more active, more efficient at your job and even more relaxed about the daily challenges everyone has to face. All this happens because of the mattress’s effect on your sleep pattern. The better you sleep the better your life will be. Choosing the best mattress 2014 will be a challenge if you want to have all the benefits mentioned before. Fortunately for you, our experts have tested and analyzed dozens of products in order to provide a solid list of potential investments. After thorough research they’ve come up with enough recommendations to satisfy even the most demanding of customers. Here is a list of features on which they’ve focused their attention on:

First, a great mattress should provide therapeutic aid. Back problems and neck problems are very common issues which can be fixed with the right mattress.

Secondly, a top end mattress should be comfortable and should be as close to a personalized product as possible. Most modern mattresses will take the shape of your body but will also correct it.

A third thing that is very important is the mattress’s ability to maintain the same levels of comfort and efficiency throughout time.

Lastly, consider a mattress that will not allow dust mites and allergens to settle in.


Below you can find the top 6 models currently available on the market:


Available Sizes
Our rating
Best Price on:
Sleep Innovations SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress
Queen, Twin, Full, KIng, California King$$$$$A+AMAZON
Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress
Queen, Twin, Full, KIng, Twin XL$$$B+AMAZON
Signature Sleep Contour Mattress
Twin, Full, King, Queen$$$AAMAZON
Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress
Twin, Queen, Full, King, Twin XL$$$B+AMAZON
LUCID Memory Foam Mattress
Full XL, Twin, Queen, California King, Twin XL$$$$BAMAZON
Signature Sleep Essential Mattress
Twin, Full$$BAMAZON


Sleep Innovations SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress


1According to most mattress reviews 2014, the queen sized mattress by Sleep Innovations is the perfect choice to make. Even though it is a bit more expensive than usual this product is worth the money. It will not deteriorate and it will keep all of its features for a really long time which is pretty much a key element in determining what mattress to choose. The SureTemp has a two layer design with memory foam which incorporates special open cell material. It is entirely built in the US and it is incredibly comfortable. The base layer measures 9.5 inches and it is made of support foam which will take great care of your back. It is even recommended by physicians and chiropractors across the world. The second layer which measures 2.5 inches is made out of SureTemp high density foam destined to provide all the necessary comfort for a good night’s sleep. This mattress is definitely worth the financial effort. It will provide back relief, reduce turning and tossing and it will rule out motion transfer. It is made in such a way it will gently teach your body to sleep in the right position. One last thing worth mentioning about this device is the fact that it comes with a 20 year limited warranty.

“I read the very positive reviews of this mattress from Sleep Innovations and I was convinced that it was the one for me. I ordered it from Amazon and immediately after I slept my first night on it, I knew I had made an excellent choice. This all-American product has a superior comfort which allows me to have the a deep sleep always.” - Jessie Boehm

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Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress


2The Luxury memory foam mattress is one of the top mattresses 2014. It has some unique features and it provides amazing comfort levels. It has a nice feel to it and it is thick enough to handle a lot of weight. As an added bonus, the package also includes a bamboo washable cover which will come in very handy. This mattress is designed to help you with your back problems and also with your sleeping issues. It is designed with the help of experienced physicians who know exactly what features are needed in order to help cure a bad back or a sore neck. This product is developed with CertiPUR-US regulations in mind. It is durable and it is made out of safe materials which don’t include harmful chemicals. It will relief pressure and it will always stay ventilated properly so as to avoid becoming impregnated with unwanted smells. This mattress is filled with premium memory foam which will take the shape of your body in order to make you as comfortable as possible. It is also the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies or asthma because it is dust mite and allergen proof.

“I have found the best mattress I have ever slept on all thanks to the expert reviews I read. The memory foam really makes a world of difference, which I feel the most in the morning when I wake up after a good night’s rest. Surprisingly, it had a standard price range and I would definitely recommend it to other people.” – Roger Karhonen

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Signature Sleep Contour Mattress


3This could easily be the best mattress 2014. It has a tight structure and it is developed by experts who not only think about comfort but also think about improving your health. The Signature Sleep Contour is an 8 inch tall mattress which incorporates 15-gouge pocket coils for impeccable back support. It is also filled with the best mattress foam available. The layering is the perfect combination of polyester and pocketed coils. Doctors recommend this product for people who suffer from neck, shoulder, back and hip problems. It is even recommended for those who have to recover after particular back injuries. One of the best things about this product is that it comes packed in a very tight bag. It is compressed in such a way that anyone can carry it with ease. This means you will not need any extra help placing the mattress on the bed. All you need to do is take a pair of scissors and cut through the three layers or wrapping. It will gradually decompress in a matter of minutes and it will be ready to use.

“After I compared the bet mattresses this year, the Signature Sleep Contour impressed me the most with its features. I talked with my physician and he agreed that it would be a great investment, so now I sleep on it every day. I am extremely pleased with the comfort level and I always get up full of energy after a good rest!” – Donna E. Matherne 

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Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress


4Our experts characterized this product as being on the top mattresses 2014. It offers incredible value for money being one of the most durable mattresses on the market. It is filled with the best memory foam you could possibly get and it is put together by using only the best materials. It is perfect for those with sleeping problems and it is even more efficient for those with health problems. If you have any back pain or if you wake up with a sore neck it is time to buy the Memory Foam Mattress by Best Price Mattresses. After thorough testing this mattress feels like none other. It is comfortable and has no pressure points. It comes with a three layer design, each destined to soothe a particular need. The first 2 inch layer is made out of memory foam and it is destined to keep you comfortable while sleeping. The second layer is made out of super soft foam which acts as a pressure reliever. The last layer made out of high density foam is the one which will take care of your back.

“My old mattress was not up to my standards anymore and the level of comfort was not satisfactory. The great feedback this mattress received from satisfied customers, confirmed it’s a top model, so I got it for my bedroom. I’m extremely happy with it and finally I can rest properly. I don’t get up with pains in my lower back anymore.” - Susan R. Bailey

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LUCID Memory Foam Mattress


5After reading dozens of mattress reviews 2014, our experts have come to the conclusion that this is definitely a product worth investing in. It is made with the most durable materials on the market. It incorporates only high quality textures and it is designed in such a way it will not only offer a great night’s sleep but it will also offer back relief and a very comfortable environment for you to relax in. It is delivered with a 25 year warranty and it is CertiPUR-US certified which means it is manufactured with no chemicals that may be dangerous to humans. It is made out of three different layers each with a different texture. The first 2.5 inch layer is filled with memory foam. It will take the shape of your body while at the same time correct your faulty posture. The second 7.5 inch layer made out of polyurethane foam is what gives this mattress stiffness and stability so as not to let you sink too deep into the first layer.

“I got this mattress from Amazon, the package arrived in time  and in perfect condition. I must say I never felt a mattress quite like this before and it’s definitely superior to the one I had before. I didn’t pay too much for it and I think it can be afforded by an American citizen with an average budget.” - Linda Walker

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Signature Sleep Essential Mattress


6This is according to most mattress reviews 2014, a budget product. Even though it is cheap it still offers all the comfort and support you need to get a great night’s sleep for years to come. The interior is a perfect combination of coils and polyester insulation pads. The two separate foam layers perfectly complete the mattress’s structure. One other thing definitely worth appreciating is the effortless installation process. This mattress comes compressed which means you will not have to struggle placing it on the bed. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut the wrapping and you are good to go. Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that this mattress meets all US safety and quality requirements.

“I had many options which I could go for, but I decided to go for this mattress from Signature Sleep because it’s an US made product. I am very pleased by the comfort level it has to offer, especially because it has a very affordable price range. My pleasant experience with it makes me recommend it.” – David K. Talbott

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Sleep Master Smooth Top Therapeutic Memory Foam Mattress


7According to our experts this mattress is the one offering the best value for money. It has a premium design, top end materials and extended warranty despite having the price tag of an entry-level product. It is built by one of the most popular mattress manufacturers in the US and it is a best-selling item in stores across the world. This 6 inch therapeutic mattress is made out of two separate layers. The first 1.5 inch layer which is made out of memory foam is destined to keep you comfortable and relaxed. The second 4.5 inch layer made out of high density foam is destined to keep your back and neck safe from unpleasant situations which are very common with poorly manufactured mattresses. This product is delivered with a washable cover and it also meets CertiPUR-US requirements.

“I read a great deal about the benefits of memory foam mattresses and this is why I got this model. Before I had it, I sometimes experienced light back pains, but this has definitely changed after I bought it. I five this mattress a five star rating for comfort levels.” - James B. Harris

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